After updating its new GM-110 series with metal editions, Casio is now adding a brand-new model to its popular G-SHOCK Master of G collection. The GRB200 series is comprised of three men’s GRAVITYMASTER watches comprised of Carbon Core Guard construction, carbon-infused resin bezels and resin bands in black, orange or blue. Designed with aviation professionals in mind, the watch is packed with essential functions and all the accuracy and functionality required for flight.

Some of these aviation-specific details include a new button design that resembles a fighter jet control stick and button guards that prevent operating errors while wearing gloves. When synced with a Bluetooth-connected smartphone, the GRB200 offers a Mission Log function that records altitude points from the watch and GPS points from the phone. Further, the three-layer structure provides elevated strength and capability to withstand harsh conditions pilots handle on a daily basis. Even a Calorie Consumption Display calculates data from the step counter — taking altitude measurement into account.

Other updated features include automatic compass correction capabilities, two-year battery life and Quad Sensor technology. Along with the new additions, the GRB200 comes with G-SHOCK’s standard technology, such as vibration and shock resistance, double super LED lights, 200 meter water resistance, and sunrise and sunset data.

Take a closer look at the new series in the slideshow above. Retailing for $350 USD, the GRB200 will be available for purchase on G-SHOCK’s website, as well as at select G-SHOCK retailers and the G-SHOCK Soho Store.


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