Crocs has readied a special take on its classic clog in celebration. Featuring a triple back strap and a wild color scheme, the new style also has space for a whopping 50 Jibbitz charms — making it an ideal style for any and all fall “festivities.”

Crocs is made entirely from soft foam, each features a perforated forefoot for breathability and a backless heel that can either be secured with the aforementioned straps or left open. The left shoe sports a blue base tone with yellow, light purple and white straps, while the right shoe opts for an orange base with white, yellow-green and darker purple straps. Both also feature a “Croc Day 2020” spellout printed on the back and Crocs’ grinning crocodile logo on the straps’ hinge point.

Crocs have been gaining immense popularity over the course of 2020, thanks to collaborations with the likes of Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber plus a communal shift towards more relaxed, easygoing and comfortable footwear caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In the past it’s worked with Balenciaga, Alife and Post Malone as well.

The Crocs “Croc Day” clogs will release via the Crocs webstore on October 23


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