Razer Naga Pro Mouse

With the world of gaming becoming more and more accessible, players no longer need to confine themselves to just one genre, whether its MMORPGs, MOBAs, Battle Royale games, or FPS titles. To help you on your journey to become a more diversified gamer, Razer has now crafted a modular version of its Naga Pro gaming mouse that can adapt to various genres.

Inspired by the Trinity, the new release comes with three different magnetic side plates you can swap between to better suit your gaming style. A 12-button plate is designed for MMOs where players have to cycle through massive amounts of skills and abilities, while a two-button plate is perfect for FPS games where minimal distraction is crucial. The third plate is a new six-button side that’s been created for those with an affinity to MOBAs or Battle Royales, genres which sit between the two extremities. Aside from the modular aspect, the new Naga Pro also features Razer’s own HyperSpeed Wireless technology, a Focus+ 20K DPI Optical Sensor, and Optical Mouse Switches.

“We are all gamers, but we play in many different ways,” said senior vice president of Razer’s Peripherals Business Unit Alvin Cheung. “Customization has always been a key component of inclusivity by enabling more gamers to play together. The Naga Pro embodies this ideal and gives everyone the control to play their own way, unrestrained by a cord.”

Available now over on Razer’s website, the new Naga Pro gaming mouse is going for $150 USD.


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